This is an Institution where homeless and orphan children are been sheltered. It has a history of 40 years, having been founded in 1957. The pioneers and founders of this work were Rev. Edward Miller and his wife Eleanor. The Direction of the Home was in charge of Dr. Nelly Raheb.
The education of the children has been based upon the Christian Faith. Under these principles, they receive moral and spiritual guidance, and they are introduced in the ways of God, making it possible for them to know and receive Jesus as their Saviour; because HE is Father to the orphans, and He will never abandon them.
As all beginnings, this one was also very difficult. Those who dedicated their lives to serve in this work didn't have the comfort we currently do. At that time, this place was a pine forest ("Los Pinares" means "The Pinewoods") , surrounded by just land. With great efforts and prayers, having confidence in the promises God had given, they constructed the Home's buildings which shelter the small ones who continue coming in today. God in His great love and faithfulness provides daily the food, the clothes, and everything a household needs.
At this moment, in four big houses, we keep 25 children, separated in groups of 5 to 8 kids, according to their ages. These groups are under the coverage of young ladies, whom the children affectionately call "aunts". The children are also been taught in different areas: music, ceramics, drawing, etc. Then there are the teens. These are under the supervision of two married couples. This makes a big family, where the children find the warmth of parents and brothers and sisters.
For us it is a reason for happiness when we can see our little ones playing, shouting and running around. It is quite an arduous job, but it fills us with satisfactions.
There are many vivid testimonies we could share, which through the years have been like seeds of faith and hope; especially when we can see the Hand of God in all things.
We want to add, that those pioneers who preceeded us, left through their lives beautiful examples that challenge us to go on, and to set our eyes on that Jesus who loves us.


* Diego Adrián Aguirre - 22/10/86 - 11 years old
* Alex Emanuel Aguirre - 20/12/89 - 7 years old
Entered the 28/8/82. They lived with their mother in a very poor hut, which burnt one day, leaving them all homeless. Their mother can't take care of them because she works, but she does visit them.

* Cristian Alfredo Abalos - 19/07/90 - 7 years old
* Leonardo Ismael Abalos - 14/02/92 - 5 years old
Entered the 30/12/93. They were sent to us by the Judge, because they were ill-treated by their mother.

* Gabriela Micaela Burgos - 25/09/85 - 12 years old
* Carlos Gabriel Burgos - 16/01/89 - 8 years old
Entered the 11/10/93. They are orphans; their mother died; about their father nobody knows.

* Victoria Beatriz Baez Gauna - 16/01/86 - 11 years old
* Jesus Heraldo Baez Gauna - 15/07/87 - 10 years old
* Victor Roberto Baez Gauna - 02/05/89 - 8 years old
* Salvador Delin Baez Gauna - 24/12/92 - 4 years old
* Ramon Jose Baez Gauna - 19/12/94 - 2 years old
Entered the 05/12/95. Their parents separated, and they were left back living in a precarious home with their mother, who suffers psychological problems.

* Esteban Gabriel Cuevas - 23/12/86 - 10 years old
Brought in by the Judge. This child suffers hydrocefalia plus motion problems, and was ill-treated by his step-father.
* David Alejandro Espinoza Gari - 17/04/84 - 13 years old
* Maria Jose Espinoza Gari - 28/03/83 - 14 years old
Entered the 21/11/91. Their parents, of chilenean origin, separated, and the mother came to Argentina with them. The Judge ordered them to be here.

* Néstor Raúl Lopez - 11/03/84 - 13 years old
* Jose Luis Lopez - 21/09/85 - 12 years old
* Nelida Beatriz Lopez - 03/11/89 - 8 years old
Entered the 21/03/90. Brought in by the Judge, because their parents are separated and their mother is a prostitute.

* Marcelo Alejandro Llanes - 25/03/87 - 10 years old
* Andrea Fabiana Llanes - 10/06/88 - 9 years old
* Maximiliano Hector Llanes - 09/09/92 - 5 years old
Entered the 02/08/93. Their parents separated, then they became homeless and their mother was not able to take care of them.

* Hugo Cristian Latorraca - 29/09/83 - 14 years old
Entered the Children's Home because his father died and his mother didn't have the possibility of taking care of him.

* Luis Alberto Faustario - 29/11/83 - 13 years old
Entered the 05/08/96. His mother is drug-adicted. He has nobody to live with.

* Maria Belen Olate - 24/09/83 - 14 years old
Entered the 23/12/88. Orphan.

* Roberto Carlos Olivera - 18/08/83 - 14 years old
Entered Aug./'91.Orphan.

* Jael Ayelen Ulloa - 01/05/96 - 1 year old
Entered the 27/02/97. Single mother, his father takes no responsibility of him. Her mother cannot take care of her.

We hope this story has been for you a reason of help and hope. Let us all know that nothing is impossible for God.
We needed one more thing, and we got it. The children needed to go to school, so a burden woke up in us about opening a place with christian teaching. So it happened that the "Los Pinares Evangelical School" was opened, becoming not only the answer to our own problem, but also to the need of the christian community and the city.
Wishing that God may bless you, we greet you in the love of Christ.
Rev. Jorge & Susana Lacovara