Lope de Vega 346
Buenos Aires- Argentina
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Mailing address:
Casilla de Correo 34
1759 Gonzalez Catan


Rev. John & Maria Miller

PHOTO OF PASTOR from September 2000 
Rev. Eduardo & Nora Pierini


Vision Statement

* To lead each member to a personal knowledge of God
* To know Him in an intimate manner
* To allow the Holy Spirit to do His work in and through each member

Reverend Edward Miller and his wife Eleanor, founded the Buenos Aires church in 1969. They pastored the church in its initial stages. Then in 1975, Pastor Robert Miller and his wife Jeannie continued the work.

At first the church held meetings in rented premises. In 1982 a building was purchased and renovated. It has been extended and is the building we use today. At present the church is led and pastored by John and Maria Miller, assisted by Pastor Eduardo and Nora Pierini, and a group of elders.

Activities and Outreach Programs

Because we embrace the Great Commission that the Lord entrusted to His church, Peniel sends and supports missionaries both within and outside of Argentina. We also regularly minister among believers of other congregations in different countries around the world.

We have a program that includes classes, special services, and camps. Since we are aware of the importance of instilling a solid Christian foundation in the lives of children from an early age, we give the utmost importance to this work. Time after time this ministry to the children has been confirmed and supported by the moving of the Holy Spirit among them.

This is an outreach to the neighborhood children. We organize Bible classes, play games and enjoy snacks.

Our youth are the future generation - the leaders and the men and women that will carry the banner of faith, therefore we very diligently focus our attention and dedication on them. They have praise, worship, and teaching services, camps, music festivals, and recreational activities. They also run a snack bar where funds are obtained to help cover the expenses of their outings. The experiences we have gathered after having worked among the young people for almost thirty years, have shown us that all the time devoted to them has forever enriched the church.

This area of outreach brings together singles and also widows and widowers, and those who attend the church without their spouses. We have activities such as Bible studies, manual workshops, and theatre. The help that this group gives to all the social activities of the church is most valuable. For example, they recently visited our orphanage, "Los Pinares" (The Pines), located in the city of Mar del Plata. There they entertained the children with theatrical presentations. They took blankets for the children that they had made themselves, and also clothes and other needed items.

We publish a magazine called Rhema. It is distributed free of charge to all Spanish speaking countries. Rhema can also be found on our Internet site in French, German and English.

Our services are recorded in both audio and video. This material is given to all that request it. A catalogue of selected material can also be found on our Internet site in the Spanish menu.

The church reaches out to those in need - needs that are either temporary or permanent - by donating items into a box called PAN (BREAD) - Peniel Ayuda al Necesitato (Peniel Helps the Needy). This enables us to distribute to the needy food for a balanced diet.

The church also owns a spacious property in González Catán. This is a small country town in the province of Buenos Aires, about 25 kilometers from the main church. We have camps, retreats, and special gatherings at this location. It is used by both our congregation and other churches as well.

We have several of these places where groups meet for prayer. In one of these homes a group of Jewish brothers gather. These are prayer houses where the Gospel is preached and where the participants can present their concerns and needs in an atmosphere of Christian love.

Radio broadcasting is a project just recently achieved. We transmit radio programs to different points in our country. We recently have been granted permission, with all that it implies, to install our own radio station. Soon we will be able to transmit using a satellite link, not only in Argentina but also throughout Latin America and parts of the United States. The programs will also be transmitted on the Internet.

All these activities are being implemented to build and to promote growth, with the main purpose of extending the Gospel message. And, by God's grace, to keep our motives and the central focus of our lives in daily contact with the Fountain of Life: our beloved Lord and Savior, Jesus of Nazareth.