By way of introduction, Peniel Ministries Argentina is a charismatic \ Pentecostal organization in Argentina since 1948. Our local organization is called "Asociación Evangélica Asambleas Bíblicas" and is registered with the Argentine Government as a national goodwill non-profit religious organization. Worldwide, we are better known as the "Peniel" churches.
Pastor John C. Miller oversees the Peniel Ministry in Argentina which includes more than 30 churches in Argentina, 2 children's orphanages, 3 Bible Schools, 5 Christian FM radio stations, a Spanish magazine called "RHEMA". and missionary works in other countries.
Pastor John C. Miller's father is Dr R. Edward Miller, founder of the Peniel churches in Argentina. He came from the United States as missionary in 1948. You probably have heard of one of his many books entitled "Thy God Reigneth". There he tells the story of the revival after much seeking in Mendoza, (where John was born) in 1949, and the deep intercessions, angelic visitation, prophecies and fulfillment in City Bell that were instrumental in bringing about the revival which changed our country. He ministered in Argentina till 1974 wherein he began extensive traveling around the world. He then pioneered a church in Atlanta, Georgia USA called "Peniel Worship Center", which he pastored until November of 1998.
The Peniel church is well known In Argentina as the pioneers of praise, worship and entering into the presence of God
John C. Miller has had the privilege of being present in over 10 revivals and moves of God in Argentina:

In 1949, As a infant, he was present in the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Mendoza.

In 1952, as a child, he was in the City Bell Bible school, when in the times of deep intercession and angelic visitation, the strong man of Argentina was bound.

In 1954 in the fulfillment of those promises the country was changed with the Tommy Hicks healing Campaign. John grew up under his fathers ministry in Mar Del Plata where the Bible Institute, children's home and the first Peniel church was built. After finishing High School, John traveled to the United States for bible School training, where he received the calling from God to the ministry in Argentina.

In 1967 the "Charismatic" move was reaching over denominational barriers in Argentina with many receiving the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

In 1968, while in Argentina on vacation for a few weeks, revival broke out amongst the Seminary students, it was a unforgettable time. Deep worship, cleansing and intercession. The glory of God was manifested in a way never to be forgotten. John felt called to stay on in Argentina, as a student in the Bible School. There he met and soon married his lovely wife Maria (or "Peachy") in 1969. He pastored his first church in Córdoba. Invited back to Mar del Plata to take on the administration of his fathers institute and orphanage, he returned.

In 1971 revival broke out again amongst the students in the Bible School. This move was warfare. As Dr R. Edward Miller (or "Papi" as he was lovingly called) accepted invitations to go out and minister along with a group of students, the revival soon reached out into other cities. As he ministered and students cried out to God, revivals soon broke out in other places. Many new works were established as a result of this move. In 1974 Edward Miller responds to God's calling to leave Argentina and visit other nations. He then leaves the heavy responsibility of the Church, Bible School and children's home in Mar Del Plata in the hands of his young son John and María.

In 1976 John is blessed with a fresh move of God that breaks out first amongst the students, then in the church. This was a move of repentance, deep cleansing and intercession that changed and marked many lives in the church and Bible School. Although they enjoyed Gods presence in their midst, the country was plunged into a dark period that included guerilla warfare and military rulership and the shedding of much blood. Miraculous works of Gods provision, protection and blessings were seen in this time. A time of church planting followed. In 1983 God wakes John in the middle of the night and tell him to leave Mar Del Plata a now flourishing work, after 10 years of ministry, and take on the pastorship of the Buenos Aires church and the overseeing of the Peniel churches.

In 1984 the Spirit of God began again to move upon the waters of Argentina, raising up Carlos Annacondia, a nut and bolt manufacturer using him with much power and miracles. Campaigns all over Argentina followed, and for the first time since 1954 the country was impacted as thousands upon thousands were brought into the Kingdom.

In 1988, another move of God broke out in the Peniel church in Buenos Aires that lasted for many months. As pastor John C. Miller ministered daily for months the Spirit moved in deep cleansing, power, intercession, healing and repentance. Visions of heaven and hell brought sinners to repentance, and saints to restoration. Sometimes These visitations were in peoples homes in the middle of their sleep. Such power flowed in that move as we never saw before.

In 1992 God singled out Claudio Freidzon a practically unknown assembly of God pastor in a Benny Hinn crusade and anointed him. He returned to his church in Buenos Aires to find that God was touching people in a new way as he lay hands on them. Crusades followed as people came from distant parts of Argentina by bus, rail, plane to receive this "fresh anointing" of the Holy Spirit. Power, faith, restoration and joy swept the church back into harmony with God.

In 1994 another move of God broke out in the Peniel work. joy and laughter drove out inhibitions and brought in many of our young people that were backslidden.. As a result, many were called out to separate themselves unto God and enter into Bible School to seek God and to prepare to serve Him. At that time, and in obedience to a word given in a night vision, pastor John C. Miller made his first trip to Taiwan. It was in the midst of the revival move. The question in his mind was, would revival follow him or was is just for Argentina? Revival followed. In the 12 churches he visited at that time, the Spirit of God moved in joy unspeakable and full of glory, bringing his people repentance, restoration, renewal and visions of glory. Things that "eye hath not seen, nor ear heard nor entered into the heart of man ...God hath prepared for them that love Him" (1 Cor. 2:9) These are the things we have seen heard and partaken of here in Argentina.
In 1998, Johns father, Dr R. Edward Miller, living in Atlanta, USA, became deathly ill of terminal prostate cancer. Aged 82, weak and ready to go home, he considered his John's invitation to return to his adopted land Argentina. One morning God spoke to him in no uncertain terms to arrange his house and "return to Argentina". As he limped on the plane, he thought he was to return only to be buried. To spend his last days with his son John. But God had other plans. Prayers were lifted on his behalf by those he had once ministered life unto. As result, he was miraculously healed and restored to health. In 1999, now restored to full strength he is ministering up to 5 times a week both in the Church and Bible Seminary, as well as in conferences.

In October 1999 a fresh move of God broke out in our Bible School in Buenos Aires and fanned out to many other churches as well. The "river of living waters" we call it for lack any better description. Refreshing, infilling, cleansing, pure love, rejoicing, soul restoring, river of wine, virtual reality, are only some words used to describe this move. This river of life, as Jesus promised, flows in all they that are athirst.
For this reason, and many, many more. God is leading pastor John Miller again to move out and share with other lands and people the wonders of the reviving renewal of the presence of God. He feels as the 4 lepers, spoiling the tents of the Syrians in the midst of the famine of Samaria, saying, "this is a day of good tidings...we.. go.. and tell the kings household. (2 Kings 7:9)
For further reference you may contact these well known Argentine pastors: Carlos Annacondia, Pedro Ibarra, Omar Cabrera. Just ask about Peniel churches and pastor John C. Miller.