During the first day of service, God spoke to us about the Samaritan woman; About the need we had to go to the fountain and drink of the living waters that He offered us. With the passing of days, that fountain turned into a river, as said by Ezekiel the prophet, where its depths were greater.
One of the characteristics of this river is love. That love embraced children day by day. Many of them, who were hurt, were healed of the wounds they had had since their birth, caused by problems in their homes.
I now want to bring out that a great number of children who participated in this camp - more than 200 - came from the Happy Hours meetings held in needy neighborhoods, where alcohol, vices, and the lack of moral values are daily schooling.
Their faces began to show for certain, what God was working on their hearts, especially in those who attended with small dark faces and with lines of bitterness and pain.
In this river, they found love, joy, peace and forgiveness of their sins because it was also a river of blood, spilled in the holocaust of the Redeeming Lamb. Everything they needed was there because they were with Christ.
In the two last days, in a very special manner, God allowed me to share with teachers and children deep outcries for the children of the world. He gave us so much love and mercy that we couldn't keep it for ourselves alone. Almost all of us cried out for the nation God gave us with intercession and moaning that only the Holy Spirit is capable of provoking.
I strongly believe that God is preparing the lives of these children not only to experience a beautiful time with him but also for the future, focussing on the world. The world is where they will carry this message, that's why God is imprinting their souls, minds and hearts with fire.

By Mabel Fontaine
Children's Spiritual Director