Rachel - 18 years of age - Province of Jujuy, Argentina.

On 21st October, 1,999 (Thursday), after an arduous internal conflict of several days, I came to the conclusion that my pride and everything that accompanied it were taking me nowhere, I met with God in a different way. However, all this was a prior process. God made me recall moments of my life that caused deep wounds in my heart; I always claimed Him for that. But that day was different, God while He revealed Himself to me, told me that He had been there and that I was never abandoned, not even when I was going through that very painful experience. Thereafter, He told me: "Rachel, the one referred to in the Scriptures, in spite of having suffered so much, had a great happiness: Joseph her son gave her the happiness and joy that no one gave her on earth, and even now she still laughs." He added: "Rachel weeps no more, Rachel enjoys herself!" Then He asked me to declare it. As soon as I began to manifest it, an ungovernable joy invaded my heart, it was unbelievable, it was the first time I laughed this way. The Spirit kept on telling me: Rachel no longer weeps, she enjoys herself and laughs at her enemies! She's no longer afraid of them!
Today, I feel that my past is just a remembrance. The most important thing is that it is not part of me anymore, and that everything belongs to God; I am already free and healed of all my wounds; not even the scars are left.