As a witness of the work of God in the midst of the students of the Peniel Biblical Seminar during the annual term 1999, Pablo Anibaldi tells us about the heavenly visitation...

After months of teaching about the Holy Spirit, using as a base the Book of Acts of the Apostles, on 19th October 1999, in the morning's devotional service, the Third Person of the Trinity approached a group of young students, baptising them in the Spirit with manifestation of holy laughter, celestial tongues and earthly languages.
For the great majority, it was the first time that were filled up with the Holy Spirit that moved their lives. God had sent the Great Comforter to deliver them from their bounds, heal their souls of past tribulations and perfectly submerge them in His river of life and joy.
This visitation took on the appearance of a river of which many students gave testimony while seeing the river with their spiritual eyes, open to the invisible world for the first time.
Wading through those waters, as quoted by Ezekiel the prophet, they could swim, dive into the fathomless depths of the celestial realm and receive life, joy, peace, cleanness, restoration and forgiveness. With simple and powerful faith of children, "because of those is the kingdom of heaven", they received and enjoyed the gift from above. The environment changed. It was no longer necessary to remind them the times of the services as the young people gathered along in the Seminar's chapel at any free moment of the day with hunger and thirst of the flowing of the Holy Spirit. The meetings began spontaneously, without waiting for anyone to initiate them and soon they were submerged under the power of God and in His river, claiming, weeping and laughing; some prophesising and others interpreting the different languages that the Spirit gave them to speak.
The classes were interrupted since the Great Master personally took over all the schedules and each day more and more, His secrets were revealed to them.
It would be arduous to relate each vision and each word that came from above; each prophesy, each healing, each delivery multiplied by the amount of those present but, some of those testimonies, among so many gathered from that date until this moment, would be a demonstration of the life shed by the Holy Spirit.
The river of life is waving. Gold told us that it was sent to "flow" and not to stagnate on a church or denomination so that life can flow for all those who are thirsty and willing to drink of His living waters.

Pablo Anibaldi
Peniel Seminar 2000