by Eduardo E. Pierini


Once again we renew contact with our dear brothers and sisters who read this magazine; a magazine that to many, is like an oasis in the middle of a desert. An oasis is entirely dependent on water, and a desert can only flourish and be fertile when there is water. Without water, nothing can live. Everything dies.

Our hope and earnest desire with each issue of Rhema is that its pages would be like refreshing water to the dry soul. If in the middle of a desert you find water at some location, it's because you have followed a trail to find that source. If this river of water - Rhema - takes you to the Fountain of Life, our desire has been fulfilled. The only fountain of life is our beloved Savior and Lord Jesus Christ.

While in the middle of so much church activity, let's not lose sight of the motive and center of our lives. The stage of development in which we find our Christian life, depends solely on the daily contact we have with the Fountain of Life.