by Maria A. de Miller

The glorious ministry of Jesus Christ on earth was coming to an end. The
blind would no longer feel the touch of His holy hands over their eyes. Those
possessed would no longer hear His voice commanding their deliverance. No
longer would the crowds gather to hear His teachings. Neither would they
spread palm branches in His path to glorify Him and proclaim His coming.

What about His disciples? Soon they would know silence and separation;
their faith shaken to the very roots and all their hopes collapsing with a
resounding crash. This would be their ultimate crisis. A new phase was about
to begin - one that would unveil a mystery of their Master. This new phase
would be so contrary and so opposite to what they had already known. What
would follow the splendor and the demonstration of the power of Jesus on earth
would also hold lessons of great value. Lessons that sooner or later you too
will have to take hold of, as a strong anchor. What exactly did this new phase
promise? It promised to be a lonely path of pain, humiliation and shame. Yet
Jesus traveled this path before them so that they could also follow Him into

Imagine yourself standing at the foot of the cross. There you find a Son
who accepted His Father's will... not only in the successes and victories, but
also in the pain; not only when His Name was acclaimed, but also when He was
rejected. He accepted His Father's proclamation: "You are My beloved Son, in
Whom I am well pleased", and He also accepted the SILENCE from His Father as
He agonized on the cross.

The enemy appeared to have been victorious. His sharp darts found their
mark deep in the wood of the cross. Darts of mockery and accusation: "He
trusted in God; let him deliver him now, if he will have him: for he said, I
am the Son of God." (Matthew 27:43)

Read that passage once again. Please, once again and know this: If you
are one of God's children, you will hear those words, too. At an opportune
time, the enemy will pierce your heart and soul with them!

Satan didn't know that hidden behind this disguise of apparent weakness
was the power of the Almighty. A curtain had fallen, hiding from the eyes of
all - men, angels and demons - the greatest drama that would ever be
performed. That curtain was called WEAKNESS. The most devastating power ever
seen was being acted out against the enemy... and it was absolutely
catastrophic! Victory for God! His triumph and mine as well!

Victory in crisis! Victory in pain! Victory in apparent silence! Victory
in struggles! Victory in long waits and... VICTORY IN WEAKNESS!