by John C. Miller

The prelude to the coming of the King is, "...wars and rumours of wars..."
(Matthew 24:6).

This passage not only announces rumors of war, but continues on to warn that
the chosen people of God will be persecuted and, if those days are not
shortened, not even they will survive.

The Scriptures tell us that in a place called Armageddon the armies of
Darkness, backed by the nations, will clash with the armies of God. When His
people are about to be devoured, the Lord will come with His army. His foot
will touch the mount, and when it touches the mount, a breach will open in the
earth and salvation will come to His children.

I don't know if I'll see that war, but if I don't, I'm sure my children will.
And since we are so close to that time the battles intensify. God's people
will be afflicted as the enemy is allowed to come against them. Perhaps you're
thinking, "If things are difficult for me now, how will I be able to stand it
in the future?!"

Let me share with you Genesis 49:19, "Gad, a troop shall overcome him: but he
shall overcome at the last."

What do you think of this blessing that Jacob pronounced over Gad?


According to what we read in the Scriptures, the enemy will also undertake,
will also conquer, and will also defeat. No one likes defeat. Those who play a
game, play to win. How sad the fans are when their favorite football team has
lost! Their rivals, the winning side, shout and mock them with their cheering
in the streets.

David had a similar experience. Listen to what he said, "All they that see me
laugh me to scorn, they shake their heads. And what do I say: My God, why have
You forsaken me? Why are You so far from helping me?"

How the devil loves it when someone loses! You did your best, but nevertheless
you were defeated. Losing is disagreeable.

In World War II, the fighting between the English and German armies was
getting worse. England was weakening and losing its positions. The Germans
surrounded the beaches at Dunkirk. Three hundred thousand English soldiers
were trapped with their backs against the English Channel. They were just a
few hundred meters from the enemy, completely hemmed in, and with no possible

A desperate call was transmitted to all the owners of launches, boats, and in
fact, a call to anything that could float. It was a historical night. The
three hundred thousand soldiers, in every kind of floating device, were
rescued and returned to their homeland. Defeated...yes, but thankful to be

More than once the allies were driven to their knees; nevertheless, as Jacob
said to Gad, a troop shall overcome him: but he shall overcome at the last.

The illustrious Argentine President Domingo Faustino Sarmiento once said,
"The details of a war are told by the winner."

The war continued. England, helped by the other allied armies and by the
United States, rose from its knees to finally win the war. The army that had
made a mockery of them, who behaved arrogantly, who claimed they would
establish a Third Millennium - the Third Reich - LOST. Instead, the allies

A war is not judged by the battles lost: a war is written by those who finally

Perhaps you say, "Lord, I have insisted, I have prayed, I kept the faith, but
I was defeated anyway!" Truth and justice can suffer a momentary defeat.
>From Jacobs blessing over Gad we can say, "You cannot measure a war by one
lost battle, nor by two lost battles, but only by the end."

God has commanded us to take possession of what He has given. What do you
think this means? One often has to take something by violence... through WAR!
In war there are many battles and many defeats. There are many crises and many
wounds. There is much hunger and thirst, and many, many nights without sleep.

Ask a seasoned war veteran if he agrees with the cocky attitude of those who
think that going to war is like going to the grocery store where you take what
you want then leave. Ask a soldier if after weeks of listening to the
explosion of bombs and after being stuck in a damp trench, if he remembers all
the General's speeches or boot camp days of yelling till he was hoarse with
the drill Sergeant:

- Come on men, let's get 'em!
- Let's go men, show them what you're made of!

Scarcely one week later on the battlefield the same soldier is screaming: Let
the earth swallow me! What happened? Perhaps listening to the National Anthem
would inspire his courage? NO! Because if he stands erect, the enemy will
blow his head off!

That's WAR. But remember, Gad overcame in the end and you too will overcome
in the end! Those small defeats will all be forgotten when the final victory
is gained. Just remember that he who wins the last battle wins the war!

Paul wrote in II Corinthians 4:7-9, "But we have this treasure in earthen
vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us. We
are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in
despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed."

Perhaps a bullet has found its mark in you, but you are not dead yet. Read
what Paul wrote again, slowly.

- Troubled... but not distressed
- Perplexed... but not in despair
- Persecuted... but not forsaken
- Cast down... but not destroyed

Persecuted by the enemy. This would discourage anyone. But while you are
running for your life look up and say, "God, You are with me, aren't You?" He
will certainly reply, "Yes, I am with you, son." Then keep on running! Is
this living in victory?! Remember, Gad will overcome in the end.

I would like to express the importance of one's attitude in the middle of a
war, and the importance of our attitude in the face of adverse circumstances.
We must be able to declare: God said it and that settles it! This statement is
true and fundamental.

Refer to Exodus 17: 8-13. This text tells us about one of the many battles
that the people of Israel had with their enemies. The battle was raging
against a powerful enemy - Amalek. At times the battle was even. Other times
Amalek had the advantage and then Israel would take the lead. When Amalek was
winning, Moses would hold up his hands and Israel would prevail. But as it
happened Moses' arms became heavy and tired. He tired of continually
repeating, "We are going to win. God is with us."

Moses knew that if he held up his hands the battle would be favorable for
Israel; but he was tired of holding them up. At first when he became tired
they brought a stone and put it under him and he sat upon it. But even though
he now had a solid base, he still tired. Then Aaron and Hur came on the scene
and they firmly supported his arms to the end of the battle and to the defeat
of Amalek.

My dear brothers and sisters, you must hold up the arms of your leaders and
pastors. They tire. We tire... but nevertheless, the war still continues.
Wives, hold up the arms of your husband because they tire, too. As the priest
of their homes, they need support. When the battle is intense, many times the
wives are far from throwing water on the fire; instead, they feed it with
gasoline. They say, "I want these problems solved! Why is this happening!?"
They don't realize that if the priest of the home lowers his arms, the war
goes against them.

In war we have to sustain each other's arms. We each face different
circumstances and different battles. While some are savoring victory, others
are tasting defeat. While Moses was tiring, Aaron and Hur still had strength.
Not only could they keep their own arms raised, but also the arms of Moses.
Both were kind enough to bring a rock. The New Testament tells us that the
Rock in the desert was Christ.

Not everything is victory in a Christian's life. In the conquest of Canaan,
there was a little of both. The victory at Jericho was followed by the defeat
at Ai. If today you are discouraged by a defeat, ARISE! Shake off the dust!
Remember: a slip is not a fall. Victory is ours and as the lyrics of a well-
known song say: Let's stand up and praise the Lord so that Hades will tremble.
Why would Hades tremble? Because the enemy knows what his end is. He knows
the last chapter has been written. He knows that the war is won by the Lord
of Hosts and by His people. He knows that our triumph is in holding high the
banner of the Cross. HALLELUJAH!!!