In a world of colors I was embraced and dreamed I had found
happiness. When I wanted to understand I was already trapped by cruel reality.

Drugs! You killed my soul, took away my strength and when my bones
were almost rotted, you further sank your teeth in my flesh.

You've torn my life to pieces, and into waste, my heart. You filled my life
with so much hate that I even lost my mind.

In death I am walking alive, desperate and sad, fighting against your
power, loving you in my pain; Hurting those I love, unable to prevent it.
You, drugs! accompanied me through the night, with my tears of ire,
impotence and uneasiness;

With the left hand you were welcome but with the right hand you
were spurned and in my confusion I knew not what to think.
How sad is this old body!
Like a lifeless weary flower,

My breath lies smothered in this tunnel which is locked.
My sickened body and my clouded mind, my broken bones
and adulterated blood;
You are a sad tune to which one cannot dance but it possesses the soul with an
everlasting sound;

Melody of death that causes me to tremble and resounds in my
mind. ~ You, drugs, will be called the nasty one!

But my hope in Christ that from the net has freed me,
unchained my life, and covered me with pardon.
Since then, I only sing, not shiver, never cry, for Him my Savior,
Jesus Christ, takes me from your grasp!

I will not take refuge in your brightness as I know you are the dark;
Nonetheless, Christ stands in eternal light.
Drugs! I no longer hear your sad song as He changed the melody of bitter
tears into those of joy and smiles.

Alejandro Pisa Manzano
Prision de Villalbona. Modulo 5,
Asturias, Espaņa