From "Stories of Faith By Ruth A.


Tucker Hospitality is a gift that manifests God's grace on a very human level, but unfortunately, it has often been neglected in our modern fast-paced culture.

Hospitality requires time and emotional strength, and too often, people are not willing to make the necessary sacrifices.

Hospitality is sometimes confused with entertaining, but the two are very different as Karen Mains has pointed out in her book "Open Heart, Open Home".

Entertaining is an exercise that often serves to flatter the host and hostess - to show off their home, their fine furnishings, their elegant table setting, and their delectable dinner.

It is a courtesy that repays a favor or that seeks to win a favor.

Hospitality, on the other hand, is a gift - a giving of oneself. It is not self-serving. Rather, it seeks to focus the attention on the guest - to meet the needs of an individual who may never be able to return the favor.

The etiquette of hospitality is not found on the glossy pages of women's magazines. It is not concerned with precise color coordinations, a polished silver service, or the choicest cuts of meat.

Its guidelines are found in the Bible and Jesus is the ultimate role model.