by John C. Miller


One afternoon I was showing the «Quinta» (Keenta) to a group of Christian doctors. Those who do not know the place will surely ask themselves, «What is the «Quinta?» It is a large piece of land which the Lord conceded to our church. Here we enjoy innumerable summer camps and conferences (and brethren of other denominations). Here men and women, young people, and children have special retreats where they set aside days to seek God. Today, the «Quinta» is a comfortable place which is praised and enjoyed. It was not always like is. Sixteen years ago it was open fields, uninhabited land, and remains of old, useless buildings. But, pioneers with a vision saw the future which we enjoy today. I was a part of the last phase of the transformation, so I know something about what it is to sow, plant and enjoy the results.

«And it shall be, when the Lord thy God shall have brought thee into the land which he sware unto thy fathers, to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, to give thee great and goodly cities, which thou buildedst not, and houses full of good things, which thou filledst not, and wells digged, which thou diggedst not, vineyards and olive trees, which thou plantedst not; then beware lest thou forget the Lord, which brought thee forth out of the land of Egypt, from the house of bondage.» (Deuteronomy 6:10-12).

What am I trying to say? What am I getting at?

Today in our country, as in others, it is a time of spiritual openness, a time of expansion, a time of development, a time of fruit to be gathered and enjoyed. An abundant harvest!

It would be wrong to forget that there were those who planted what we are reaping today. When there was nothing to be seen, there were those who had the vision and dug and sowed.


«When the Lord thy God shall have brought thee into the land which he sware unto thy fathers, to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob.» Fathers who had the vision received the promise.

Today we are witnesses of those things that these pioneers fought for in the past. One of them is praise.

Today God is using talented lives, anointed in music, to take this ministry to the nations, and it is widely received.

I can not forget when pioneers of God in the early sixties shared this message with the church in our country. Initially, they were rejected and scoffed at, even by important leaders. Nevertheless, these visionaries continued to announce and bear this treasure which the church had access to.

Years went by. At the end of the sixties and the beginning of the seventies the Lord brought renewal to the traditional churches. They received the Holy Spirit, raised their hands, and began praising.

Now we hear about it all over the world. At last the plant is full of fruit.

Indeed I must look back. Otherwise I would be forgetting the promise God made to our spiritual fathers.


They also proclaimed and established the importance of repentance. Going before God time after time with our sinful nature, so that He could transform it. But, what a struggle, what opposition, what criticism! Some complained about those who proclaimed this precious truth that all they could do was cry.

Leaders who supposedly knew the word of God said: «Repentance is needed only once when you get converted.» Those who understood the Biblical meaning of repentance embraced it and experienced it over and over again.

The apostle Paul had no problems in that respect. Who has not read the passage where he says:»Who shall free me from this sinful nature?» But at this time there was conflict. Leaders questioned: «Why go to the cross over and over again?»

Not long ago, at the beginning of this decade, I read how God said to pastor Cho of Korea: «I will bring a new move all over the United States and it will spring up everywhere.» The Lord told him to put his finger on a map of that country. He did so. When he lifted his finger, the city he was pointing to was Pensacola.

Maybe by now you have heard about or read about what God is doing in that place and how that move is reaching other places.

Repentance, yes, repentance.

People go to the altar crying out under conviction - converted and unconverted, those who are new and those who have been believers for many years. Conviction of God takes hold of them, and His power comes down to do a work of sanctification. Hundreds and hundreds of hungry souls travel from far away to be a part of what God is doing.

Today there is no resistance.

I had the opportunity of being there. I heard a very strong and direct message of repentance. I rejoiced, I rejoiced greatly. The church needs it!

A pastor in Houston, Texas, shared what God spoke to him. «Seek my face,» was God’s order. «But Lord, we are seeking your face,» was his reply. The Lord clearly answered: «You are seeking my hand, my works. Seek my face.» This pastor started to seek God. He was not very open to power and manifestations. One day he was standing behind the acrylic pulpit. The power of God came in such a mighty way, he was thrown onto the pulpit which broke and went flying several metres from the platform. The pastor was paralyzed under the power. There God began to speak to him and do a work in his heart.

When the factory was told that the pulpit had broken their answer was: «impossible!» The pulpit was made all in one piece and to break it required a pressure of many kilos per square centimetre. Therefore they gave him another one free of charge.

There was revival there. We shall hear about many, many more places that will embrace this work of grace. Repentance is no longer a word that causes people dismay.


«Vineyards which thou plantedst not; wells digged which thou diggedst not.» Somebody dug those wells. Somebody went before God until God promised as He did to Abraham: «I will give you this land.» Men of God who paid the price and saw God’s revival in their country or in the world.

Cities built. Houses that are full. Wells full of water. Olive trees full of olives. Vineyards full of fruit. New wine is a symbol of joy. Olive trees speak of the oil of the anointing of the Spirit. What a time to be alive! That is why the Spirit of God calls us to go forth, to expand, to enjoy that for which a price was paid.

It would be terrible not to harvest the vineyards and the olive trees. I do not think there is anything worse than a house that is built and abandoned or a well full of fresh water from which nobody drinks.

It is not only time to enjoy all this but to invite others also to enjoy it.

Go and possess the land! It is an order given by God. But do not forget, when you enjoy the anointing, when you see God move, when God blesses you remember, you did not plant.

Also, please do not forget from where you have come out and who brought you out. You were a prisoner in Egypt. God came and freed you, He washed you and cleansed you again and again.


For some time I have had the following burden on my heart: What will become of the next generation?

Who will plant so they can gather fruit?

Who will dig so the earth can produce?

Who will open fountains of waters?

Who will do what others did for you?

Yes, you are enjoying the harvest, but be assured that the vineyards will dry up. Take note that there will be less water.

Maybe you will say: «I shall worry about that when the time comes.»

No, please do not do that. If you want a vineyard in ten years time, start now. If you want to have fruit you must plant today.

Do you want vineyards? Plant.

Do you want wells of water? Dig.


That is not my only burden. Allow me to share another with you. We are talking about a great harvest. Places and countries where fruit is abundant. But, what about lands that have no vineyards today? Nations and cities that have no water. Only desert and barrenness, where there is no oil nor new wine. Who will plant? Who will dig for them?

Maybe you say: «I shall go.»

Allow me to ask you some questions. They might help you.

Have you a spade? Have you a pickaxe? Have you a bucket? You cannot dig without a spade. You cannot penetrate through the hard earth without a pickaxe.

Maybe you will say to me: «I have a sickle. I am using it well for the harvest.»

Yes, the sickle is an excellent tool for the harvest but is no good for digging. If you do not believe me, ask the brethren who are in Spain or France. Ask those who are in countries where water is scarce.

I want you to know that if you want to dig for future generations, if you want to be used by God in other countries, it is time for you to begin seeking God as never before; even as you are working for God’s service today.

Do not confuse harvest with digging and sowing.

When you reap you enjoy the work of others, others who surrendered, and were subject to God. They said yes to God’s demands, and let the fire of God burn deep in their souls.

Yes, there are lands where it is necessary to dig. Lands where you talk about harvest, and it sounds like Utopia. Lands where they are taught many methods but those methods are inefficacious. You know, those lands need people to dig and water the hard earth with many, many tears.

When Isaiah drew near to God's fire came and touched him. This vision caused him to say: «Woe is me! for I am undone, because I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips: for mine eyes have seen the King, the Lord of hosts.» (Isaiah 6:5).

I want to remind you that this man was a prophet. He had the gift of prophecy. He was a prominent and respected person in the kingdom in those days. And yet this man needed holy fire to burn in the depths of his heart.

Maybe you are working in the church and are reaping for the Lord. You have a nice gift, and you are doing things for the work, and yet, your lips are unclean, you have not been touched by God’s fire.

The prophet continues by saying that one of the seraphim flew unto him and having a live coal in his hand, which he had taken with the tongs from off the altar, touched his lips with it, and his iniquity was taken away and his sin purged. Then he heard the voice of the Lord which said: "Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?"

Then Isaiah answered: «Here am I; send me.»

Isaiah became a man of vision as a result of that encounter. A man with hope. A man with a spade. A man with a trowel. A man with a plumbline. A man strengthened by the Spirit.

Do you remember what God said to him? «Go, and tell this people, Hear ye indeed, but understand not; and see indeed, but perceive not.» What is needed is a man of God to go and proclaim the message God gives him. What is needed is a man of God who will say: «This shall be God’s house. This shall be a place of refreshing for the world. This shall be a place where the Spirit of God dwells.» But for that you need the strength, the faith and the hope against hope that Abraham had.

The world needs men of faith, men who can struggle, men of integrity, men of prayer, men of intercession. Because if such can not be found, there will be no harvest. In order for there to be a harvest, there must be those who dig and plant.