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Peniel Ministries of Argentina

is pleased to invite you and the members of your congregation to the International Conference to be held in the capital city of Córdoba, Province of Córdoba, Argentina, from February 24th to February 26th, inclusive.


"and wherever the river flows, it will bring life."

(Ezekiel 47:9)


With regard to hotel accommodations, we inform the following details: 

Hotels (for booking purposes)

*NOTE: To call from outside Argentina, first dial 54 - 351 then the local number
To call from Argentina, first dial 0351 then the local number

Address: Bvard. Illia 518 - DOWNTOWN CORDOBA
Daily fare: US$ 11, breakfast included.
Local phone #: 423.3180

Address: Tránsito Cáceres de Allende 465
(Between Rondó and Illia) - DOWNTOWN CORDOBA
Daily fares: US$ 12 per person. Triple room. Breakfast included.
US$ 13 per person. Double room. Breakfast included.
Local phone #: 422.1039

(*) These hotels have electric ceiling fans and private bathroom.

Address: San Jerónimo 574 - DOWNTOWN CORDOBA
Daily fare: US$ 17 per person. Breakfast included.
Local phone #: 422.8789

Address: San Jerónimo 495 - DOWNTOWN CORDOBA
Daily fare: US$ 19 per person. Breakfast included.
Local phone #: 421.5031

(**) These hotels have private bathrooms, A/C, phone & TV.

Address: e.1) Ayacucho 498 - DOWNTOWN CORDOBA
Local phone #: 421.1720 and

Address: e.2) Boulevard San Juan 489
Local phone #: 428.0088

. First choice

Apart hotel system: offering American breakfast. TV. Phone. A/C.
Safe box. Kitchen with tableware. Fridge. Private Bathroom.
Garage: (private parking lot) US$ 5 per day.

Daily fares are as follows:
1 person: US$ 48
2 persons: US$ 60
3 persons: US$ 72
4 persons: US$ 83
5 persons: US$ 100

.Second choice

Rent system on a temporary basis. Furnished apartments.
Without breakfast but with daily cleaning service and change over of towels.
The apartments have A/C; kitchen with complete tableware and fridge.

Daily fares are as follows:

1 person: US$ 39.
2 persons: US$ 48.
3 persons: US$ 60.
4 persons: US$ 72.

These are cash prices and include the value-added tax (or IVA)


A minibus service will transport the attendants, who are staying at the hotels to the Conference, programmed services and workshops. The go and return ticket costs US$ 2 per day. If you will want to use this service, please let us know anticipatedly so we can book your places.
There will be also a rent-a-car service, plus taxis and public bus transportation.
The Sanctuary where the Conference will be held, called "Cita con la Vida" (Date with Life) is located near downtown Córdoba and the hotels we are hereby suggesting.


Once you arrive in the city of Córdoba, you must apply our representatives directly, in our casual registration office appointed at the premises of our Peniel Church. The place will be open for the attendants in Castro Barros 425, First Floor on February 24th, 2,000 (Thursday) from 8 am to 6 pm. There you will receive all necessary information and literature related to our formal activities and accommodations.
Should you arrive after this date, please be so kind to get in contact with us to the following local phone #: 477.2077.


On February 26th, 2,000 (Saturday) we will visit Villa Carlos Paz (the Village of Carlos Paz).
Please be informed that the transportation fees and luncheon tickets will have to be paid in advance when registering.


Fast food and finger food will be available at the place of the assembly and in the course of our formal activities at very cheap prices.

For any further references you may require please contact us at: EMAIL:..peniel@satlink.com