Calle 9 de julio 1883 1 piso,
Miramar, Prov. Bs. As.

Rev. Guillermo & Adriana Reano

Miramar is a tourist city on the Atlantic coast in the province of Buenos Aires. It is located about 450 km south of Argentina's capital. The Lord saw fit to plant His word here many years ago and today we are reaping the fruits. Over the years a lot of labor had been invested here, but it wasn't until June 6, 1993 that the Peniel Church of Miramar, opened its doors once and for all.

Thirty years ago, Rev. Edward Miller, founder of the Peniel church in Argentina, along with a group of students from the Bible institute in Mar del Plata, came here to preach the gospel. This was the start of a small work. We consider those days as the beginnings. Others, such as American missionary Judy Dalson, contributed to those beginning stages. However, it wasn't until 1993 that something concrete and permanent began to form. Pastor Jorge Lacovara, who trained us in the ministry, received the challenge from God to reopen the wells that his spiritual father, Rev. Edward Miller, had opened. Pastor Lacovara's desire was that the Lord would grant again the water of life to flow to the thirsty. For three years he was the pastor here. During this time many were ministered to and healed from past hurts.

At the beginning of 1996, my wife and I took over the challenge of leading this flock. However, it wasn't until a year later that we moved here permanently with our three children. Our aim, with the powerful intervention and grace of the Lord, is to strengthen, establish, and encourage growth in this part of the body of Christ.

We recently moved to a new and larger meeting place. We are looking toward buying land and building a church and parsonage; we trust in Him, to Whom Heaven and Earth belong, to provide for this project.


Many activities occupy the week, and as a big family we endeavor to function together - each taking on responsibilities according to their maturity, ministry, and gifts. These activities include general meetings, men's and women's meetings, youth meetings, Bible studies, Sunday school, etc. An outreach that exposes us to the community is a Christian radio program, where we have an integral part. Also, we belong to a council of pastors, of which I am president.

If you, your family or friends come to this beautiful tourist city, we invite you to visit us. The church address is:
Calle 9 de Julio 1831, 1 piso (1st floor)

We hope to see you!

Yours in the Lord,
Pastor Guillermo and Adriana Reano
Peniel Church of Miramar