To those sincerely hungry ones who have enjoyed the first book "Look", this second volume will come as a delightful sequel. But this is in no sense final, for God continues to reveal Himself, His ways, and His secrets to Annie each day. There are tremendous things that He is teaching as she is "in the Spirit" like John of old.
Through understanding of the Word of God, light is given on these revelations. Also these are bringing fresh insight to the scriptures as when He spoke to the two on that two-hour walk after His resurrection. Out of this daily, living contact come the burning hearts of love to Him, as many letters testify.
Since "Look" was first published, to our great surprise, Annie has become our daughter-in-law, married to Ken our twenty-two-year old. Therefore, we have had much opportunity to observe and evaluate first hand this gracious work of God's love in and through her. We have been ever so grateful for this lovely union, and marvel at the spiritual growth and perception which God has given her in less than one and one half years.
The continuance of the visions, with the test of time, has revealed a divine interrelation. There is an interlocking thread of truth that leads us to the Lord, Himself, and then to His living Word.
That angel of light, Lucifer, deceives and causes to err through pride, ambition, wilfulness, forms of self loves, uncleanness, etcetera. Only in the measure that we honestly and earnestly open to the Lord for His cleansings and deliverances, can we be kept in these last days. The humility of heart and lack of self-seeking in this little one is a direct result of that wonderful and faithful operation of the Lord (and at times - drastic). One cannot truly gaze upon, love and adore Him each day without experiencing transformations unto His likeness. (II Corinthians 3:17-18).
A spiritual, political, economic, and cultural revolution is spreading very rapidly in the earth. This is even more clearly revealed in the later visions. The moving of the Holy Spirit over the world among the young people especially, is set forth as a revolutionary separation of a people unto the Lord Himself. Also, here many others are being divinely influenced to a revolutionary seeking, finding, loving, and knowing that One called Wonderful.
The Glory Cloud, promised in Acts one and confirmed in these heavenly scenes, is so very near. There are fearful and wonderful things taking place over the earth, and in many places other young people such as Annie are having transforming experiences with the resurrected Lord.
This second book is commended into the hands and hearts of you prepared ones for your earnest prayers and divine stimulus to intensely seek and obey Him. These obedient ones do love His appearing. These will be covered by Him in the fearful storm breaking forth in the earth.

Jack Schisler


It is with a strange urgency and with much fear and trepidation that we present the second book of the visions that our now married daughter, Annie, has been given and has shared with us. It is difficult to know where to end this second book and begin the third one, for as yet there is no ending to this heavenly manifestation and communication that God is giving unto us in this last hour.
We have refrained from doing any interpretatoin of these visions knowing that the word of God is of no private interpretation and therefore we leave it mostly to the reader to interpret for himself. We are confident that the same Holy Spirit that has given these visions will also see to it that the Spirit that has given these visions will also see to it that the seeking reader will be guided into the truth He desires to convey. For it is His word unto us and we have done our utmost to convey it most faithfully just as it has come forth to us under the anointing and impelling of the Holy Spirit.
It seems that in this group of visions He has desired to introduce us to some of the hidden mysteries concerning the church and His dealings with it as well as the works of the enemy and the mystery of iniquity and in a small measure how it operates.
These visions are in parabale or symbolic form and many times in a cryptic manner. Yet throughout the ancient times it was ever so that God spoke through His prophets. There were things that they themselves could not understand nor even decipher.
These truths we find totally compatible with the Bible and in full harmony with our understanding of His dealings and purposes based on nearly fifty years of walking in the presence of the Holy Spirit and over forty years of ministry. This is most amazing considering that this new born child in Him, carried up into the heavenlies in the Spirit, is given to know in a moment that which has taken us years to learn by other means.
We are made to realize with a terrific impact of truth that the hour of the bringing forth of His end time manifestations and His revealing of these hidden things of the mysteries is now upon us. We cannot postpone any longer into some dim and distant future our beliefs, but know that these things in reality are upon us and He is telling His own ones who have a hearing ear. For He has promised to His own sons of light that these things should not come upon them as a thief in the night, but that they should be warned and informed before that time.
Our prayer is that unto the sons of light and to those who have been given a hearing ear, there shall be given also the quickening of the Holy Spirit to read and to understand these things.

R. Edward Miller


Today as I went to prayer I suddenly felt very sleepy. It seemed that my body was full of pain for which I could find no explanation. Certain thoughts tormented me much and I became more nervous by the minute. I felt completely abandoned by the Lord and wondered where He had gone. It seemed difficult and almost impossible to get into real prayer. But after a seemingly endless time, He came and took me away unto Himself.
Pouring His healing love throughout my whole being, He spoke chidingly and asked me why I had allowed such untrue thoughts to enter my mind and why I had continued to dwell on them. How could I doubt that He was with me? His loving tone reflected such sadness that it deeply hurt me. Assuring me that He was always with me and within me, He banished all my fears as the early morning sun banishes the drops of dew. Filling me with tenderest love, He flooded me with a complete sense of security, then lifted me unto Himself into the place where He dwells in His Cloud.
Suddenly I found myself in the house of living stones which I had seen several times before. (*) He showed me another of its great rooms - a room which was much inferior to the room which is His dwelling place. Whether I was inside this room or outside looking in I do not know. But I do know that I was with Him in His cloud and He was in this cloud, which is He, Himself. Although the angels surrounded Him in this place, they didn't draw any attention unto themselves.
The living stones which formed the walls of this temple or sanctuary were filled with celestial life and brilliant light. All of them were worshipping a cross of tremendous size and exceeding beauty which was in this room. This cross of purest light shined with great brilliancy. Everything and everyone in this room was filled with the wonderful light which emanated from this cross. I can find no words to adequately describe its glory and beauty.
Although Jesus in the Cloud was present among the living stones and was exceedingly more wonderful than the cross itself, the living stones, nevertheless, seemed not conscious of Him at all. I wondered greatly why they were worshipping the cross all the time instead of worshipping the One who was present in such excellent glory. These living stones continued worshipping the cross, not even looking at Him.
Then He explained that even though He was present in the highest manifestation of Himself yet given, nevertheless, the living stones could not see Him when He manifested Himself unto them in this superior way.
The living stones were avidly contemplating the beauty and glory of the cross, worshipping it in love and deep adoration, and bathing in the light that emanated from it. Steadfastly beholding the cross they could not see the Lord whose light and glory were so much greater. As I could see Him present among the living stones I was much troubled, and could not understand why the others were not conscious of His presence.

(*): See Vol. I - Building the Spiritual Temple
The House of Living Stones


Again I had a difficult time resisting opposing forces before I could press on into His presence. But then He came and took me unto Himself and caused His love to wash away all uneasiness and strain of the battle. Immediately I felt fully renewed and rewarded.
When He began to speak He asked me why I was afraid, and why I was so convinced that I would not be able, or not have sufficient strength to fulfill the task He was requiring of me. "What are you without My strength?" He askd. "Be assured that I, Myself, am your strength. You must not even think that you shall not be able to fulfill what I require of you."
When He told me to look, He showed me His people suffering heavy attacks from the enemy which were assailing them like a virulent epidemic. Thick, black clouds of evil forces pressed relentlessly against them in terrible invasions of darkness. Horribly ugly, determined and powerful, these vile ones pushed in against His people in wave after wave of fury. I understood so clearly that He was showing me a picture of what was happening in actuality, in "the now". He was not foretelling things that were yet to come
He told me that the enemy, now greatly enraged, would come from many and far away places. Uniting their forces and concentrating their offensives, the adversaries would war against His people in an attempt to overcome and overwhelm them. "However", He said, "because I dwell in the midst of them, the enemy shall not be able to prevail against Me".
Not only had He permitted these attacks, but He had caused them to come to pass. For the arising of the enemy against His people caused them to press in even closer and flee unto Him for refuge. Although all hell should arise against them, all the ragings of the enemy would be completely in vain. For, "the hour has come for My glory to be revealed in them. This is the glorious hour".
Chidingly He spoke to me asking, "Why do you doubt? All that I have said to you shall surely come to pass. Not even one word shall be without fulfillment".


I was able to come into His Presence after but a brief time of battle. What a beautiful welcome He gave me! I am never able to understand why He loves me so much or why He never fails to remind me of His love. This love seems to flow out of Him constantly in great billows which cover and fill me. Commanding me not to fear and filling me with His peace, He took me away into the Cloud which was comparatively calm.
When I looked in obedience to His command, I saw again the same plants I had seen before, (*) but this time they were being buffeted by a terrible storm. Vindictive and full of fury, this storm seemed determined to ruthlessly destroy all the beautiful plants which He had so lovingly created. I was weeping much and He, sensing my sadness, comforted me telling me not to weep or to be sad. "Look!" He commanded. As I obeyed, I saw the many roots of those small plants. Never before had I seen such immense roots or so many roots together on any one plant. When I saw that these massive and intricately woven roots were so deeply embedded in the earth, I knew that no storm - no matter how furious it might be - could ever in any way hurt His plants. The best - or worst - the storm could possibly do was to buffet them superficially.
"I am taking no risk in allowing the fury of the storm to come against my plants", He explained, "for the roots of these plants are my own self. Because I am so very certain of My plants, I can allow the storm to come against them in fury for I know that they are deeply rooted and will not be damaged, uprooted or destroyed, for I am in My plants".

* See Vol. I - The Plants and Their Angels


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