In mid December Rev. R. Edward Miller will return to this country for good with the purpose of remaining here all the time God has in His plans. For those of us who know him and for all who have been blessed by his ministry sharing this news causes us to rejoice in soul and spirit.
He is the founder of the Peniel churches in Argentina and other countries of the world. He was used by God in pioneer work in our country, where after much prayer he had a sovereign visitation of God in Mendoza. This left its mark on his ministry, the fruit of which we know today.
Later in City Bell God again came to him in a special way together with a group of Bible school students and teachers. There God announced He would visit this nation in a special and glorious way. The fulfillment of this announcement was the Tommy Hicks campaign in 1954 and important things that happened at that time. Other prophetic words given then are reality today, for example: cinema theatres would become temples for God and fire would extend from Argentina to many other nations.
This has been written by Dr. Miller in his book "Thy God Reigneth," which has been translated into several languages. We shall have a recent edition: "Secrets of Revival in Argentina" published by Peniel Publications. He is also author of "Victory in Adversity", "Secrets of the Kingdom", "Holy Spirit", "Romance of Redemption", "Gideon" and others.
In 1954 he went to live in Mar del Plata where he founded a Home for homeless children, a Bible Institute and established the first Peniel church in Argentina. He also held evangelistic campaigns which resulted in the birth of other churches. Later he founded other churches and Homes for young people in Buenos Aires, Córdoba and other cities in the interior of this country and abroad.
In 1974 he left the work in this country in the hands of his son John. For seven years he travelled to more than thirty countries all over the world sharing his ministry.
Finally, in 1980 he settled in Atlanta, Georgia where he was founder and pastor of a church. He has lived there till now though he has travelled extensively all over the world. At the age of 81 he continues to be advisor to pastors and servants of God.
During his lifetime he has had the privilege of participating in seven revivals in which God has renewed His church on earth (including the revival under Dr. Charles S. Price and Aimee Semple Mcpherson).
His experience and deep knowledge of God and the Scriptures and the presence of the Holy Spirit in his personal life have brought spiritual renewal and enrichment to multitudes who have desired to have a deeper relationship with God.