Pastor Edward and Eleanor Miller

During the month of August 1988, we were in Taiwan and again saw this same move
of God there among a people that had known very little of the moving of God in their
midst. In fact, many of the pastors, observing what God was doing, exclaimed that
their people had never had an encounter with God before. We visited charismatic
churches and mainline churches - some of which were very opposed to the things of
the Spirit. Nevertheless, He visited each hungry heart; it didn't matter what name
was on the church's sign. Again, He came in power and with fire to do a sanctifying
work in His people.

In church after church the same thing happened. Even the ministers and leaders
of the churches were slain under the power of God and set aflame afresh with His
divine fire of love. Even in places where it was so dead that it seemed impossible
that God could do anything, He sovereignly moved and ministered. People cried out
to God and sought Him with all their hearts and He was there to meet their needs.

So many chains were broken. All that was required was that they come before Him
with truth and with open hearts, and He was there to meet with them. In a very
short time, He was able to overcome all their religious forms and do away with their
structure. Idol gods in hearts were cast out, people were delivered from their
hatred and fears, lives that had never known the Lord, met face to face with Him.
His power broke down every barrier. Faces full of darkness were transformed until
they were radiant with His light. Souls that had been dead were birthed into

In one church, when the pastor looked upon his congregation and saw about 200 of
his people laid out on the floor, slain by the power of God, weeping and calling
upon the Lord, he stood there with tears flowing down his cheeks and said, "I've
never seen anything like this. My people have never met God; this is the first time
they've ever met God." That church was transformed; His resurrection life could be
seen. People were filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke with tongues. Others were
being healed. Others found their way to the Cross and forgiveness. Everything
imaginable was happening as He touched life after life.