Future Investment for a Different World
By John C. Miller


When God decided to change the course of history, He began with a baby. He didn't start with an adult. According to the experts in socialology, education and paediatrics there are two factors that affect normal growth, development and changes in children: genetics and environment. God knew the savior that was to be born to change the course of humanity had to have a combination of two things: His seed needed to be half human and half divine.

Yes, God was wise. When He wanted to change the world He worked with genetics. He was able to create a new race, a new life from a rebirth in Jesus Christ. The Holy Seed is in us, and its conception was iniciated by the Holy Spirit of God so that, in each of us, a new life could grow and form an "eternal race" - a glorious race.

I have had the opportunity to minister in Spain and the pastors there have told me that the Spanish people in general do not have an interest in the things of God. They are a nation that is marching head on toward a great chasm and they don't care. What is the reason for this? It is because a long time ago the government and the religious leaders decided to exterminate the children of light that loved God.

During World War II there was a man who tried to change the future of Germany. He devised a plan to exterminate from the face of the earth the Jewish race and through genetic manipulation create a pure race. He murdered millions of Jews hoping to destroy the feared race of God. He chose the eggs and the sperm - the mothers and the fathers - for the base of his vision of genetic difference. The children would form part of his future perfect army; his future perfect nation.

In his mind originated an idea that was fundamentally logical but he distorted it: to change a race he needed to start with children; start with children and that would change the future!
I repeat... when God wanted to change the world He began with a child.
We, the adults, would have sought a savior among our congregations. God sought a child then waited 30 years until the time was right.


Spain, like many other nations, has lost the fear of the Lord. This fear has been erazed from their genetics just as it has from their environment.

Remember, children learn more from what they see than from what they hear. They see what their parents do then they copy them. Parents who smoke or drink try in vain to teach their children not to do the same.

Mothers, so occupied with their careers, jobs and projects, trying to gratify themselves, find that when their children need them they are a nuisance. We won't even talk about the father!
The Jews, who respected their heritage, sent their children to the synagogue to be educated by the rabbis. By the time they were twelve years old they knew by memory the first five books of the Old Testament.

In our congregation the children attend Bible classes every Sunday and have their own special praise and worship services. These services are led by the Sunday school teachers. We consider it a priority to dedicate these efforts to our children.

Yes, we have been witnesses of God working among our children for years. I would like to emphasis that in the last three years during the childrens' camps God has visited them in a soveriegn and supernatural way. Boys and girls not more than 12 years old have had visions, have been taken in the spirit to heaven, and have had principles and secrets revealed to them that many adult Christians know nothing about. I don't remember things like this happening in previous years. Why? Because God thinks in the future.


I see a world full of reproducers not of real parents. I have mentioned the importance of ambient in the home, but what about the ambient in school. From a very early age children are put in day care centers and kindergartens and are taught by paid substitute mothers. At six or seven years old, for six or seven hours a day, they are left alone in a world that will teach them their morals.

Recently I talked with some high school girls and they told me what their teachers had told them. They were told that it was okay to have sexual relations with a boy and if they got pregnant they were instructed not to tell their parents. The school authorities would help them to get an abortion. This is what is happening in the Western world. It would shock you to know what your children are being taught in school. For this reason I am amazed that parents would turn a blind eye and leave their children to this exposure for hours every day. Would to God He would grant us the privilege of being real parents. Remember: when God wants to do something big He start with a little seed.


The path of the world daily invites us to get lost in the easy life. Fathers are occupied with their jobs for 10 or 12 hours a day while mothers are just as busy with their work in the home, resulting in the children needing a baby-sitter thus lacking the influence of their parents. If the baby-sitter is a Christian woman, or a woman with principles, her influence will be positive, but if not... the children are at a disadvantage.

In the land of Egypt, pharoah kept the Jewish parents very busy, and it's the same nowadays. We read in Exodus 1:14, "And they made their lives bitter with hard bondage, in morter, and in brick, and in all manner of service in the field: all their service, wherein they made them serve, was with rigour."

Nowadays nobody is making us work "with rigour" but the temptations prepared by the advertising world push us in that direction: this beautiful entertainment center, or this latest car, or...or... or... and, of coarse, all the good looking guys have all the best products. Nobody will make me buy these products. I'm not obligated to buy, and neither are you. We're able to maintain a job and with it live well enough. But in the end, the way of this world traps us and we end up being slaves that live behind "bars of gold". Yes, behind bar *