By Marķa A. Miller

Undoubtedly, you as well as I, have a place in a little corner somewhere in our homes. There, I heap up different Christian magazines recently published. I always have them on hand to be constantly in touch with what is happening in the world.

Several days ago, while I was having a quick look at the pages of diverse important magazines, I noticed the different offers therein, for the development of a qualified, useful and thoughtful Christian. The most varied areas of knowledge were published. To do honour to the evolving century in which we live, it is enough to enter the Internet web in order to get endless information. I feel a stream is carrying me; is carrying all of us, I wonder where.

There came a pause in my thoughts and I meditated on the words the Lord spoke and about something that took place a few weeks ago. He said: "I assure you that unless you change and become like children you will never enter the Kingdom of heaven." ( Matthew 18:3)

How can one reconcile the growing demands of the religious world with the Master Jesus'call to be like children! No, it does not tie up. It is reasonable then to flow with another current, that of His Holy Spirit.
As it is usual, our church set aside a weekend for a children's camp. I never fail to be amazed at the things I learn during those days in their company.

The teacher who was invited, during the service shared with us how the Lord was preparing an army of children for the new millennium, token and separated to carry out His work on Earth.

That morning, when we considered our service practically concluded, God did not. His Holy Spirit came down on a child, who prophetically and under God's influence announced the advent of a new visitation of the Lord. The message was revealed according to what the Holy Spirit dictated and dissembled.

For nearly an hour, we listened repeatedly to the following words: "A child will be born. The faith of a child will open the heavens, the faith of a child will be born, the veil will be torn, and the glory will flow. The blind will see, the mute will sing, the faith of the dead will live, a child will be born."

It was obvious that God not only wanted us to hear what He announced, but also to engrave His message on our hearts.
As we listened, we wondered when it would be fulfilled. Almost immediately, the reply came and certainly amazed us: "The hands of the clocks in heaven are stopped. In heaven, time does not exist. The race just started; the winner already arrived."

The child, while having being under the influence of the Holy Spirit, stood the whole time with his eyes fixed on the ceiling of the chapel, and before he took them off it, as a final touch said: "The light of understanding; the interpreter, the words will assemble."

In that precise moment, the Lord lifted the session. Those present went downstairs deeply touched and at the same time filled with his Holy Presence.
Then, I shared these experiences with an aged man of God. His words put the final stamp on what we heard that morning.
"My daughter, God has been speaking to me about this for a long time. You know, a child is being born within me. I believe that the faith of many children will be born."

What was I hearing? A man of God, who walked with Him, who shared His revivals, at 82 years of age, declared a child was being born within him! An aged man? No... simply a child.

God promised his Glory would visit the Earth again and that His living water will reach many: "the mute, the blind, and the dead in their souls, with faith to renew their lives." But before that, there may be hearts with the simple faith of a child, who believe that the floodgates of heaven will open and reach the most needy, the most impossible things and the darkest tomb.

"The faith of a child is a small key that can open the greatest lock." That was the phrase that later, that same child spoke to me, with reference to what he experienced. It sounds like a heavenly piece from the mouth of a such a child; Don't you agree? But those were not a child's words, but the Holy Spirit's.

It is the simple faith of a child who trusts his father and hopes for everything. There is no speculation. There is nothing impossible.
The teachings of the Holy Spirit enriches our insight, our knowledge to stand on a higher level. In those levels I want to sign on and stand in.